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    Terms and conditions of FB Giveaway

    Terms and conditions of FB Giveaway
    Campaign Period: Entries will be accepted online starting on Jan 15 12am, PST and ending Jan 24, 11:59pm, PST.All online entries must be received by Jan 24, 11:59pm, PST.

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    5 Tips to help you select the best smart Bracelets

    5 Tips to help you select the best smart Bracelets
    Have you ever thought that you can use your watch to call someone? Or you can even surf the internet or chat on Facebook. Do not feel surprised because now all of this is possible with the new invention in watches. We present to you smart bracelets! Let’s get started to dive into the world of time. Besides the exquisite designs and features, these bracelets keep track of your health as well.

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    5 Reasons Why You Need a Smartwatch?

    5 Reasons Why You Need a Smartwatch?

    With regards to smartwatches, there is frequently a great deal of discussion about their convenience and worth. ET has a few contentions for and against that can help you settle on a choice in case you're perched wavering.


    Wavering about purchasing a smartwatch? Here are a few decent contentions that will assist you with choosing if you ought to get a smartwatch.


    Smartwatches send you Warnings on Your Wrist


    At the point when it's an ideal opportunity to purchase another telephone, you need to pick between a gadget running Google's Android working framework and an Apple iPhone running iOS. You have a comparable choice to make with regards to smartwatches, despite the fact that your most ideal alternative will rely upon which cell phone you use.


    As you'd expect, the Apple Watch, running watchOS, incorporates firmly with other Apple items. Thus, it is frequently the most ideal decision for iPhone clients. You'll probably decide on a smartwatch running Google's Wear OS working framework for anybody utilizing an Android cell phone. In spite of the fact that you can utilize a Wear OS gadget with your iPhone, there is a superb motivation to remain in accordance with your cell phone - warnings.


    Smartwatches make finding a phone, key or gadget is significantly simpler


    As you surely understand, losing a telephone or keys is an incredibly baffling encounter. It generally appears to occur before some significant event that we can't be late for!


    Fortunately, a smartwatch can deliver this bother a relic of past times.


    The vast majority of them have a "Discover Phone" highlight. You can associate your telephone or any gadget with it and you will have the option to ring it through your watch at whatever point you wish.


    Lost your telephone? Simply press a couple of catches on your watch to find it like a flash.


    Smartwatches can track your fitness activities


    Numerous smartwatches have wellness following as a center element. It will help you stay aware of your wellness objectives. So in the event that you are truly considering taking a wellness tracker or a pedometer, you can supplant it with a decent savvy.


    What precisely can a smartwatch do? It can check steps, distance, calories, pulse, beat rate, rest and some even go past this to ascertain other significant measurements you may require.


    Smartwatches can answer calls easily


    Different smartwatches handle noting calls in an unexpected way. The Sony Smartwatch 3, for instance, permits clients to acknowledge and decrease approaches the watch, yet enacts the telephone's speaker and amplifier (or earphones, whenever connected) for the discussion. This is useful when strolling around with earphones on, or while driving, when your cell phone isn't effectively open.


    Smartwatches can send you social media notifications


    Who would not like to see Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SnapChat or other social warnings on his wrist? Indeed, me really and this is continually something I turn off, yet for other people, this is a "unquestionable requirement have" work.


    A few watches will basically show your messages and online media movement yet others will permit you to interface with the application as well. I don't suggest utilizing this as your essential strategy for interfacing with individuals via online media as it is a piece fiddly yet on those events when you are out running or something, it's great!


    Then again, a smartwatch can run a scope of applications, including famous wellness following administrations like Strava. On the off chance that you acknowledge cross-stage and multi-gadget uphold, at that point a smartwatch is frequently the better decision, regardless of whether it is now and then more costly.


    The wrist-based wellness experience is frequently more intelligent on a smartwatch, as well, as the bigger shading screen empowers some level of personalization.


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    Pingko Smartwatch: The Best Cheap Smartwatch under $49

    Pingko Smartwatch: The Best Cheap Smartwatch under $49

    With the evolution of technology, smartwatches have gained immense popularity, and for all the right reasons. Monitoring your health or improving your workout is now as simple as strapping one of these smartwatches around your wrist.

    Smartwatches offer the perfect blend of technology and style, from measuring heart rate and tracking workouts to offering up notifications and providing a way to manage smart home devices. While you are wearing a smartwatch, you can leave your mobile phone in your pocket and just check your watch for urgent notifications.

    A style that won't slow you down

    The advancement in smartwatches is a wonder indeed. To meet the needs of technologically driven customers, a wide range of gadgets evolved and smartwatches are one of the gadgets that people love to wear these days.

    Smartwatches are the need of the hour as they make our lives easier through some of their most incredible features. With different styles, configurations, designs, colors, and features, smartwatches reflect your style statement as you walk out by strapping them to your wrist.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are a fashion lover or a fitness enthusiast, just go ahead and get yourself a Pingko smartwatch and get ready for a stylish life!

    Buy smartwatches in a premium, high fashion segment

    At Pingkomart, there's nothing more we'd like to do than bringing watch-lovers and smartwatches together. Our wide selection is a fine showcase of masterpieces that display craftsmanship, designs that embrace innovation, and represent everlasting tradition.

    We have a stellar collection of solid smartwatches under $49 that deliver improved tracking metrics, impressive battery life, and amazingly functional features, all designed to help you stay alert and active throughout the day, and stress-free at night. Make a wise decision today by selecting the best, cheap smartwatch watch from a range of options available on our online store.

    Reliability that goes the extra mile for you!

    As a leading supplier of luxury smartwatches, Pingkomart strives to serve people who value quality timepieces. Browse our amazing collection of Pingko smartbraclet featuring stylish, advanced, and hi-tech designs. They come in such a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors that you can’t help but walk out with the best one for you.

    Step up your style quotient with a perfect combination of style and functionality. It’s easy to sync up your look with customizable and amazing styles. Try a few options so you can change your look in a flash.


    Enjoy absolute comfort, stay on track, and feel the liberty to stay fit! Perfect for the modern, connected world, our smartwatches feature a lightweight, discreet design so you can easily fast-track your way towards the finish line.

    Time’s ticking! Head to Pingkomart to check out our amazing selection of smartwatches you love. Come down and see how much a fashion-forward smartwatch can add to your lifestyle.