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    Are Fitness Trackers Worth the Hype?

    Are Fitness Trackers Worth the Hype?

    Whether you are a seasoned athlete, or just starting on your fitness journey, there is one common factor: you are working to improve your fitness. One fitness accessory that can help support your goals regardless of where you’re at is a Bluetooth smartwatch and fitness tracker.

    Now, some may ask “Is a fitness tracker really necessary?” Let’s discuss some of the features and advantages that may help you decide.

    1. Motivation:It’s simple, fitness trackers can help keep you motivated. You can set goals to reach on a daily basis, and your smart watch will help remind you to hit those goals. Once you have started hitting the goals, you’ll want to keep up the streak day after day. How many days in a row can you get your workout in?
    2. Metrics:Your smart watch can track a variety of things, such as your heart rate, calories burned, steps, and the distance you traveled on a walk or run. A fitness tracker can also help you see your progress over time.
    3. Heart Rate Monitoring:Heart rate monitoring is such a valuable tool in the world of fitness. We know that when you exercise your heart rate goes up, but did you know that your heart rate can help you pace better when exercising? By monitoring your heart rate, you can actually figure out your optimal heart rate zones for different types of workouts, helping to decrease physical burnout. Over time, you will start to see your resting heart rate decrease, which means your heart isn’t having to work as hard to pump blood through your body. Your recovery times after workouts will also decrease.
    4. Connected:Have you ever been in the middle of a workout and your phone starts to ring so you stop what you are doing to check it, just to find out it was a spam call? A Bluetooth smart watch can help avoid this situation. When you are wearing a fitness tracker, you just look down at your wrist to see if the text or call is urgent and needs to be answered, and if not you can keep going with your workout.
    5. Aesthetics:Let’s face it, smart watches and fitness trackers just look cool. There are so many different models, colors and designs that I’m sure you can find one that suits your style.
    6. Price Tag:You can find a fitness tracker in any price range, but what’s great is that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get all of these great features. All of the smart watch fitness trackers at PINGKO are affordable, stylish, and functional.

    In summary, there are a lot of features on Bluetooth smart watches that make them a valuable tool not only for fitness, but for everyday life. If you are looking for a watch that can help keep you working towards your goals while being functional and stylish, then take the plunge! What do you have to lose?

    What Can A Smartwatch Do? Top 10 Smartwatch Must-Have Features

    What Can A Smartwatch Do? Top 10 Smartwatch Must-Have Features

    Have you been fascinated by the advanced technology of the smartwatch? Have you thought of purchasing the one as they include such amazing integrated features? If yes, then you must be inclined to know what a smartwatch is and what its features are.

    In recent times, the smartwatch has gained immense popularity and created its niche across the world. With the development of technology, the smartwatch is getting integrated with more essential features to make your life comfortable.

    Smartwatch features vary from one model to another. However, there are some must-have features that every smartwatch should include. If you ever think of purchasing one, you can take a look at these features and make your decision.


    What Is A Smartwatch?

    Being a portable device, the smartwatch comes with wearable technology, which you can wear on your wrist like a wristwatch. Just like smartphones, a smartwatch makes use of the touchscreen, includes various apps, and can also record your heart rate.

    People usually confuse fitness bands with smartwatches. Fitness bands are specifically built for tracking your health. At the same time, the smartphone includes more features than just notifying about your health.

    Let us discuss what the must-have features of a smartwatch are.


    Top 10 Must-Have Smartwatch Features

    Whether you buy a Samsung Watch, Apple Watch, or any other smartwatch, it should include the below-mentioned features for exceptional functionality and convenience.


    1. Long Battery Life

    The battery life of a smartwatch is always a matter of concern. A smartwatch should be able to last a day without getting drained. If your smartwatch has a good battery life, it can last for two days, depending on the usage.

    The battery life of smartwatches varies from brand to brand. Some smartwatch has a battery life span for 2-3 days while other last for 18 hours. Therefore, exceptional battery life is what a smartwatch should have for uninterrupted usage throughout the day.


    2. Compatibility

    Your smartwatch functions when it is connected to your smartphone. Therefore, the smartwatch must be compatible with your device. For example, the Apple Watch is compatible with only iPhones. In contrast, Samsung Watch is compatible with almost all Android devices.

    Nowadays, smartwatches are equipped with SIM Card, which offers cellular connectivity and ends their dependence on smartphones. Therefore, you can easily make calls from your smartwatch without connecting to the smartphone.


    3. Display Notifications

    Notification is another must-have smartwatch features you need as of today. When you receive timely notifications, it helps you to manage your day accordingly.

    Just like smartphones, your smartwatch should alert you if there is an important notification, activity, or event. When your smartwatch is connected to your smartphone, it should be able to mirror your smartphone's notification on the display screen.


    4. GPS Feature

    Smartwatch can be your smart compass that can save your day. If you are lost on your way home, the integrated GPS feature can help you find the directions. GPS tracker can track your location and also receive any location-specific notifications.

    A smartwatch should be your travel guide. It eliminates the need to keep an eye on the map while using smartphones. Many smartwatches include voices and vibration to guide you with the directions.


    5. Keep Track Of Your Health

    Many people believe the smartwatch has the basic function of keeping track of your fitness and health, just like fitness bands. However, smartwatches function more efficiently than fitness bands.

    With a smartwatch, you can track and record your heart health, heart rate, sleep, and the number of steps. Moreover, you can also keep track of your swimming, hiking, yoga, and even running. A smartwatch can be your ideal workout companion.


    6. Calling And Messaging

    Besides receiving notifications, the smartwatch also enables you to call and message after connecting to your smartphones. It offers you the ease of comfort to attend the calls while you are running or walking. It eliminates the need to take out the smartphone every time to attend to the calls.


    7. Find My Keys, Car, And Phone

    If you have a habit of forgetting things where you have kept, then a smartwatch can help you with that. If you are unable to find your phone, you can tap on the screen of your smartwatch, and it will immediately ring your phone. Similarly, you can find your keys in the office or around the house.

    As we are talking about locating and finding things, a smartwatch can also help you to locate your car where you have parked.  


    8. Include Verbal Commands

    You have the advantage of the touchscreen on both smartphones and smartwatches, but what if you can verbally command your smartwatch? It will avoid the hassle of touching the screen and looking out for the specific feature.

    You can easily dictate emails, messages, and commands to the smartwatch to perform a certain function. Many modern smartwatch features either Wear OS or watchOS operating system that enables voice dictation.


    9. Media Management

    You cannot take your smartphone with you while you are swimming, but you can carry your smartwatch along with you. Once connected to your smartphone, you can listen to music even at a place where music is not reachable. However, you would require a waterproof smartwatch for that.

    Apart from that, if you are listening to music on your Airpods, you can use your smartwatch to change tracks and volume. All in all, the smartwatch should be able to manage the media for you.


    10. Support Different Applications

    Smartwatch functions to support a wide range of apps. However, it depends on the operating system on which the smartwatch is developed. Apple and Google ecosystems are a well-known ecosystem for the smartwatches in the market.

    With an android smartwatch, you have access to apps, including Shazam, IFTTT, and Lifesum. While with the Apple smartwatch, you are offered access to apps such as Camera Plus, Evernote, Citymaper, and CARROT Fit. Some smartwatch includes inbuilt apps to accomplish a specific purpose, including diving or hiking.  


    Final Thoughts

    What is a smartwatch? Now that you know smartwatch does more than just tracking your heart rate and telling time. What they do is to allow you to connect with the world.

    With the smartwatch must-have features, you can make your life much easier in handling day to day activities. Once you get used to the smartwatch functions, you will not require any other gadget to fulfill your daily requirements.

    Things To Know Before Buying a Smartwatch

    Things To Know Before Buying a Smartwatch

    If you are one of those people who have seen ad boxes appearing on their Facebook newsfeed touting Bluetooth smart watches costing 1/3 of the cost charged by Apple or Samsung, the following will surely interest you.

    As for the design quality, let's be frank: this is a low-end watch, which costs 3 times less than an Apple Watch or Motorola women's smart watch. One should not expect miracles when it comes to this aspect.

    That being said… to my surprise, some models are quite robust. People drop them more than once and contrary to what they feared the screen did not crack so much or come off. To sum up, it's a pretty solid toy. The only downside is on the side of the bracelet which is designed in a material that does not let the skin breathe;

    As for the notifications - that is to say, the characteristic which gives its added value to the watch - the reliability of the watch on this point depends on 2 factors: 

    • the mobile application you use to link your Android phone and the watch, 
    • as well as the version of Android your phone is using.

    It turns out the app suggested by the QR Code in the menu of the watch is incompatible with versions of Android greater than 5.1. If you are in this situation, you will therefore have to install a suitable app, which has almost universal support for Bluetooth smart watch.

    Also, the watch vibrates with each notification, in a not very discreet way. And then we are talking about discretion, the ringtones of the watch do not fit in this register: those who are used to telephones will recognize two or three rings;

    It is impossible to adjust the intensity of the vibrator or to add ringtones unless you go through flashing of firmware.

    The resolution and clarity of the screen... well … you get what you pay for. 

    Can install android/android wear apps there? the watch uses its own operating system and offers apps such as a pedometer, a calendar, a contact manager, a thermometer/barometer, etc. The women's smart watch should have women-specific features as well.

    What about autonomy? Count one day if you receive notifications every now and then and half a day for those like me who receive notifications every 1/2 hour - i.e. Instagram, Facebook subscribers, etc.

    Can we call? In theory yes, it should be a Bluetooth smart watch. In practice, the quality of the loudspeakers does not allow you to have telephone conversations of exemplary clarity when you are in noisy places.


    In my opinion, only in certain situations. For example, if you are on a professional interview and/or do not want to pass for one of those boors who are unable to have a conversation without taking their nose off their drinking, you will find your happiness at a lower cost with a good smartwatch.